Iveta Chovancová: Stigmatization of Sex Business in practice

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In here emotional talk Iveta provides an anwer on how we can help women working in sex business right here right now. As a society, we tend to stigmatize these women without knowing what made them to work in this field. Iveta tries to ruin the common myths we have about them. Stigmatization of women working in the sex business leads to increase in violence and worse medical treatment access.

About speaker

Iveta is a field social worker and director of the civic association Odyseus. In the streets of Bratislava she works with people who inject drugs, and women working in the sex industry. With her team they aim to help these people become equal members of society and live a better quality and healthier life. In addition, she actively represents the region of Central Europe in the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network in order to bring innovation in the care of people who use drugs and Slovakia. Thanks to the experience abroad Iveta believes that the community has the power to joint problem solving, which inspired her to launch an initiative in which people taking drugs involve themselves today. In defending the rights of people working in the sex industry she points out the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the experiences of the women, who provide sexual services for money.

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