Tomáš Brngál: Virtual reality – opportunities in medicine

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In his passionate talk, Tomáš will show us the path of creating application for students of medicine and enumerate the enourmous opportunities of virtual reality in medicine. Furthermore, he offers the answer on the question, whether the technologies will once replace the doctors. He claims, that we should not fear technologies but we should rather use them for our purposes. Because patient is the one on the first place.


About speaker

Tomas BrngalTomáš Brngál is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University. Together with Miloš Svrček of FEI STU, he is the co-founder of start up Virtual Medicine, which has been developing for almost three years the unique human VR application called Human Anatomy VR. This educational app is designed for students of medicine and doctors, working on the principle of virtual reality. A month after its release for the Samsung GearVR platform, it was dowloaded by thousands of people in 114 countries around the world.

Medicine, IT