Boris Čellár & WoodPack Brothers: Intuitive Music Instrument WoodPack Jam Session

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About performers

WoodPack Brothers is an unorganized group of professional musicians and percussionists who have fallen for the Slovak intuitive musical instrument called WoodPack. WoodPack is rhythmic and melodic hand-made instrument from Slovakia from the high-quality resonance wood. You will not find two identical pieces with the same visual or sound as it is an original in each case. Their performance represents a form of musical art, pure improvisation, where the only rule is good humor and musical enjoyment of everybody involved. Its members include eg. Ajdži Sabo, Eddy Portella, David Juraj Raši, Boris Čellár, Daniel Griglák, Andrej Kopecky, Július Petrus … WoodPack Brothers is an organic and always different musical group, because it only associates busy professional musicians who perform in a unique cast WIF – who is free. Therefore, each performance of WoodPack Brothers is unrepeatable experience.