Break activities

Break activities

Apart from interesting speakers, we have prepared for you cool break activities. Let’s have a look on what you can look forward to.

A shot of your heroism

Want a picture with a speaker? With a pretty girl? With an organizer? Or just with a friend? The best memento from this event is a picture. So do not forget and come take a shot at our SUPERwall.

Heroism in action

We are looking for (extra)ordinary heroes in action! At TEDxBratislava there are a number of them, and each of us has his or her own superpowers. You just have to share them with others and your heroism is born! In the booth you can find your hero or you can become a hero for others. Every (extra)ordinary hero will have his or her superhero badge.

(Done in cooperation with

Concentration for the fingers

Let`s play Concentration. But as it’s TEDxBratislava, it’s a bit more tricky. Even a small child can find matching pictures. This time, you’ll use your fingers, not your eyes, to recognize the resemblance.

(Done in cooperation with Nikoleta Čeligová. Pexeso Memonik has been awarded the 2015 National Prize for Product Design)

Seeking book heroes

Become a  book hero for just one day with TEDxBratislava. Get a pin and seek your fellow heroes among the guests. The team consists of four heroes. Once the team is completed, come and see us at the booth. The fastest ones will be rewarded by Martinus.

(Done in cooperation with Martinus)

Dental sins

Confess all of your sins and your tooth decay. You will gain absolution from an extraordinary and surprising hero. If you are honest, you won’t miss out on a reward. In addition, you will learn how to have a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

(Done in cooperation with Curaprox)

Coffee – how to recognize quality

Do you like coffee but select its quality by price? It’s time to find out the secret to coffee quality. Stop by and have a small talk with us, and you will learn how to recognize quality coffee. This new party trick is always appreciated. #dobrakava.

(Done in cooperation with Powercoffee)


Have you ever made a tattoo? TEDxBratislava will get under your skin. Skilled tattoo artists will coach you and support you with hardware. You have the ideas. Meet your painless clients – an orange and a lime.

(Done in cooperation with Wolf Town Tattoo Parlor)

Match of the year

Not every floor is just a floor. Thanks to VisionSys our floor in the theater can be almost anything you wish. Now you can share the story of how you once played football in the Slovak National Theatre!

(Done in cooperation with VisionSys)

Your heroism

Meet our cameras during the breaks. Don’t panic. They want to listen to your ideas which are worth spreading. So think about it a bit and spread something special. Take your chance to be seen on the TEDxBratislava screen.

(Done in cooperation with VLN Production)

TEDxBratislava votes for the emperor of the world

Vote for your favorite hero. It is a big responsibility to lead the world. We want you to choose properly, so you can try two election systems. We love to experiment.

Drunk bike

Did you enjoy our cognitive corner last year? This good tradition continues. This time you can have fun with our crazy bicycle. Do you mix up your left and right hands? Our bike does too. Even Sagan would need some training wheels.

Mood detector

We would like to know how you respond to our talks: what you enjoyed, what interested you the most, what scared you and what you disagreed with. Thanks to the face recognition technology  in the hall we will finally learn about all that. Don’t worry, your privacy comes first and it’s completely anonymous.

(Done in cooperation with Dell)

Discussion box

There’s nothing better than an inspiring discussion on an interesting topic. That’s exactly what we want. The discussion box is not exactly a box – it is three tables. Come and talk and  get acquainted. Each table has its own topic, and discussion is not by invitation. Don’t let me stand there alone.

Book spine poetry

Out of rhymes? There is a bookcase full of them. Books are not just for reading. If you mix them right, fiction can become poetry.

(Done in cooperation with The Bridge)


There are no more numbers. We have replaced the numbers with people. All you have to do is to find the person who matches the bingo clue. You need a row, a column or a diagonal line. The skilled ones will be rewarded.

A surprise by Owen Harris

During the first break you get the chance to try out a form of virtual reality by Owen Harris.  Owen will tell you more about his project in his talk. It is not always possible to have time for yourself and to have a rest. But even during TEDxBratislava you can walk in the forest and visit your “happy place.”