TEDxBratislava has prepared for your stomach many surprises

TEDxBratislava has prepared for your stomach many surprises

“More than 10 000 pieces of dishes, 2 700 kg net weight of waiters, 1 200 working hours and 10 275 portions of meal – TEDxBratislava. We cannot wait.” This is a Facebook post of Dobré Jedlo from last year. We keep the high standard again this year! What you and your belly should expect this Saturday?

We begin the day with light breakfast in case that you missed one at home. You can grasp sweet or salty pastry. After the first block of speakers help yourself with cocktail snacks, canapé and other goodies. Lunch and dinner are served warm and also include gluten-free and lactose-free options. Food will be served by professionals who will make you feel extraordinary.  Bet you that after all day you will be persuaded that Dobré Jedlo (in English good food) makes really good food.

A taste of fruits and home-made strudel will be supplied by Svet Bedničiek. If you still feel lack of sugar look for Giraffe Bakery who will be serving their famous minicupcakes.

Those who love taste of good coffee, hurry up to Powerlogy station.  They will be serving their coffee with drop of coconut oil that will energize you and boost your mind.

…and perhaps we should leave something as a surprise…