Tante Elze at TEDxBratislava 2015

About This Project

Music has many purposes. One of them is to uplift people higher and let them dream. Tante elze music is fulfilling it with their melancholic, yet beautiful music.


About this artist

tante2Tante Elze is originally a solo project of musician, singer and producer Veronika Seppová who was joined by filmmaker Tomas Prištiak. Veronika studied filmmaking, which is directly reflected in the atmosphere of her music whose essence is made up by a piano, vocals, electronic sounds and sometimes violins. The music of Tante Elze is influenced by many genres, from classical music to primitive hip hop rhythms. Veronika is also the vocalist of The Global Optimistic project and a singer with producer Jimmy Pe. Tomas works as a journalist. Currently, they are both preparing their debut album.

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