Julia Roig: We are all peacebuilders

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Julia Roig is a great impersonation of a person who believes in a change and is a part of it. With her talk, Julia fulfills us with optimism and shows us how to incorporate the concept of democracy into our everyday lives.


About this speaker

JuliaJulia Roig is the President of Partners for Democratic Change (Partners), a global organization with a successful track record of building civil society and broad partnerships to effect democratic change. As President, Julia Roig has not only solidified private sector partnerships to reach development goals, but also spearheaded linkages with entertainment and advertising industry leaders to support peacebuilding efforts (most recently, pro bono campaigns aimed at supporting peace talks in Colombia and combating religious intolerance in Europe). Prior to joining Partners, Julia directed a Rule of Law Initiative in Belgrade for two years. She has also spent five years in Bogota working on community justice and dispute resolution in Colombia.

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