Patricia Černáková: Permaculture – can nourishing a piece of land save the world?

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Permaculture is a system of sustainable agricultural and social design principles of working with, rather than against nature. Patricia is a professional permaculture designer and one of the most renown permaculture experts in Slovakia. As a daugter of a permaculture pioneer in the former Czechoslovakia, she was exposed to this philosophy from her early childhood. In her insightfull talk she present real-life examples of how our behaviour affects the fragile ballance of natural ecosystems and how, by taking the responsibility for a piece of land, we can actually contribute to solving global problems.

About speaker

TEDxBratislava, Patricia Cernakova

Permaculture is a system of sustainable agriculture principles centred around simulating natural ecosystems. As a daughter of permaculture pioneer in former Czechoslovakia, Patricia was in contact with permaculture from her early childhood. She studied Garden and Landscape Architecture at Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. She dedicates most of her professional time to designing gardens, public spaces and landscapes, as well as to lecturing about permaculture, organic gardening and eco architecture and publishing articles on the topic. She has helped to build a number of school and community gardens (at Bratislava Water Company, Devínska Nová Ves, Jakubovo sq. in Bratislava, Zvolen, …) and eco-centres (Polomy Zaježová and Sosna). She lives in a countryside settlement near the village of Hrušov, in south-central Slovakia.

Global Issues, Nature