Caspar Addyman: Why babies laugh

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Caspar Addyman reminds us that babies can teach us fundamental truths about how to live a good life. We just need to listen to their laughter.

About speaker

Dr Caspar Addyman is a developmental psychologist who studies how babies learn about the world. He is lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London and a decade spent working at the world-renowned Birkbeck Babylab. He specializes in the study of learning in the first few years of life and have researched such topics as how we learn our first words, our first abstract concepts and how our sense of time develops. His Baby Laughter project has surveyed families all over the world to find out just what causes little giggles. Caspar has undergraduate degrees in Mathematics (Cambridge) and Psychology (London) and a PhD in developmental psychology (Birkbeck). Before moving into academia he worked as chef and then spent eight years working on financial trading floors. First as a trader and later as a software developer. He has a written a novel about a retired psychologist & a failed comedian and is currently working on a popular science book about laughing babies.

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