Nikos Georgantzis: Bubbles as a pervasive phenomenon whose origin lies in our ethics

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In his intriguing talk Nikos points out that the markets as a mechanism determining the value of things are a source of mistakes. He wonders if we can propose a non-subjective and reasonably operational alternative to value determination through market price.


About this speaker

nikosNikos Georgantzis is a professor of behavioural economics at the University of Reading. He studied Economics at the University of Piraeus and has an MPhil degree from the University of Wales. He got his MA and PhD from the European University Institute. Previously, Nikos obtained a chair in Economic Theory and Experimental Economics at the Universitat Jaume I, becoming the co-founder of one of the largest experimental economics labs in Europe and the world, the Laboratorio de Economía Experimental (LEE). His research interests range over a broad spectrum of topics, including economic psychology, microeconomics, behavioural economics and labour economics, to name a few.