Bjorn Ihler: How Breivik Taught me to Overcome the Fear of the Unknown

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In his breath-taking talk Bjørn Ihler will take you back on Utøya Island on 22 July 2011, where he faced Anders Breivik shootings, survived and saved lives of two little boys. How it’s like to survive? Does he fear Breivik? Follow Ihler’s path to forgiveness and overcome your fear of unknown.


About this speaker

Bjorn Ihler is an activist, writer, designer and filmmaker who promotes peace, human rights, and the fight against extremism. His work is influenced by his experience as a survivor of the attack on Utøya Island in Norway on 22 July 2011. Ihler started his work as an activist against violent extremism with a series of opinion pieces following the attack, writing on topics related to the state of the nation, public debate, and how to remain true to the principles of human rights and democracy in the face of terror. Bjørn is taking part in an international project called The Forgiveness Project.

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