Monika Rychtáriková: From Big Bang to virtual acoustics

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Môžeme zavrieť oči, no uši nie. Zvuky nás prenasledujú kam sa pohneme. Monika Rychtáriková zaujme svojim rozprávaním o akustike športových fanúšikov, umelcov, milovníkov piva aj tých, ktorí si túžia vypočuť zvuky hviezdnej oblohy.


About this speaker

Monika was born in 1975, but she is just over sixteen. More specifically, 16 decibels = 10.log (41). She currently works at the Faculty of Engineering at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at KU Leuven in Belgium. Her great passions in life are sports and music. In her research, she deals with everything connected to sound, in particular issues concerning the building and room acoustics in interdisciplinary context. Together with her students, she is trying to at least partially retain the character of the first universities in which students with professors did not focus on producing endless publications, but jointly strived to find truthful answers to questions, and not only during working hours. All her students and colleagues know that her favourite drink is Pilsner beer and that she writes down her ideas on beer mats.