Janette Motlová Maziniová: What can we learn from the Gipsies?

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In her honest talk, Janette speaks about two intersecting worlds, the worlds of “us” and “them”, about her desire to belong to the world of “gadjo” (white man). Although Janette has been dealing with prejudices and stereotypes since her childhood, nowadays she is striving to bust them. Come and dive into the world of “Romani” with us, into their struggles and desires. You may find out there is much we can learn from them.


About this speaker

Janette is a lecturer, blogger, mother and author of an autobiographical novel in which she describes her childhood, adolescence and life as a woman shuttling between two worlds. She is passionate about emotions and their impact on people, their thinking, perception and ability to understand things around them and other people with whom they meet and work. Currently she is starting an online living library with stories of people facing various obstacles in society, and she is dedicated to understanding the feelings of children who were born in a different world than the one they currently live in.