Margus Mägi:What You Should Do To Build a Functional E-government – Estonia

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In Estonia, there is a waste amount of e-services. You can do pretty much everything online. In this inspiring talk Margus narrates the story of an initially peasant country to the leader in e-government. How they managed to succeed and why we should claim the same level of services in our own country?


About this speaker

Margus, for almost a decade, has been dealing with e-government related projects, and currently holds a position in the Estonian Government Office as European Union Secretariat Digital Policy Adviser. His background varies from business development in the MENA region and social entrepreneurship to e-government initiatives. Working on many national projects on popularising e-government for citizens in Estonia as well as abroad has been a humbling experience as he has learned a lot from it. Now he can understand better how important cultural background in governance is.

Society, Inovation