Marek Fanderlík: Textbook does not suit you? Then write your own

O tomto videu

In this motivational talk, Marek persuades you, through his story, that it is possible to change all sorts of things you do not like regardless of your age. At the end of this story there is a textbook of mathematics, which will help students to understand mathematics. And maybe not just that.


About this speaker

Marek is 20 years old. Currently he is a student of Financial Management at the University of Hradec Kralove. He only recently graduated from J. K. Tyl High school in the same town. He loves sports. He has been an active climber ever since his childhood; in winter he prefers downhill skiing. While studying at high school, he realised how ineffable and complicated the mathematics textbooks were. He saw that it was difficult to understand the topics without further explanation, or see why they were important. He discovered that they were unable to motivate students to do further exploration. So he and his friend Marek Liska decided to change it.