Fero Pauliny: Wistleblowers, misfits and other unlikely heroes

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In his moving talk, Fero shares stories of “White Crows” – ordinary people who became whistle-blowers. What makes someone to point out wrongdoing, defend the truth and abide to moral principles for the benefit of all of us regardless of the consequences for themselves.


About this speaker

fero-paulinySince he can remember, Fero has always wanted to work for an NGO. For eight years, he has been with Alliance Fair-play – a watchdog trying to tame political power and monitor politicians´ actions. He is responsible for the White Crow Prize, organizes anti-corruption events, prompts politicians to publish details about their property and communicates all of this online. In a high school, he would say that he hated injustice. One day, when he jumped a queue in a cafeteria, he realized that he should start from himself. This is why he wonders why most of us think that the bad and dishonest ones are always the others. He admires the courage of the white crows who, despite all the wrongs, want to protect the truth and principles on behalf of us all. If he could do anything, he would be a text editor.