AirGym: AirGym: acrobatic show at TEDxBratislava

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AirGym brought to TEDxBratislava its unique acrobatic show and made the audience to stand up.

About artist

The AirGym is an acrobatic group of professionals in their field who has already performed in almost every country in Europe and many Asian countries. AirGym has its headquarters in Prague since 2012, its founder is Tomáš Pintér, acrobat, lecturer, production and show rigger. Tomáš is also a PhD student at Karl University, where he studies the security in acrobatics shows in the field of Biomechanics. AirGym specialties are mainly aerobatic shows, their main strength is height. Their highest performance so far was 30 meters above the ground. Tomáš Pintér, Veronika Smolková a Martina Illichová performing.

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