Scott Bedley: Discernment in the era of fake news

About This Project

Educator Scott Bedley wanted to do more for his students than just to give them instructions how to check the truth in their sources. He created a game to let them experience how easy it is to fool someone with fake news and how to become discerners of truth.

About speaker

Scott Bedley TEDxBratislava

Scott Bedley is a “punk-rock” educator looking to question the norms of how education works. He is a deeply passionate educator on the west-coast of the United States. This award winning teacher has been working to create researched based learning formats to support education globally for the past 23 years. He is a founding member of Skype’s Master Teachers group focused on connecting classrooms around the world in an effort to create a more collaborative global community. He was highlighted for his efforts in Microsoft’s Global #Empowering Campaign as well as featured by top news sources across the United States such as the Wall Street Journal, O Magazine, Vox, NPR, The NY Times, The LA Times and on CNN. He’s the co-founder of Global School Play Day and the Technology Applied Science Fair. Scott is looking to change the world by impact students lives by reaching their hearts and minds.