Niccoló Massariello: The story of a stock model: This could happen to anyone

O tomto videu

One day, Niccolò Massariello shot a series of pictures for a photo bank. Since then, his face has been selling alcohol beverages, books about monsters, and articles about sexually transmitted diseases. in this funny talk he explains a true story of what can happen when you – in a moment of negligence – give up the rights of your stock photos.

About speaker

The native Tuscan Niccolò Massariello has always dreamed of working in the film or music industry. After studying Audiovisual Communication in Pisa he continued the studies and got his master’s degree from the Music Industry Management in Barcelona. He settled here, started playing in a band and writes for various magazines, including the well known VICE. Currently he writes movie scripts and he is feeding his acting ambitions for the first time in his life. But his face had previously sold alcohol and milk, books about monsters, and articles about genital diseases. And if you are in marketing, you may have used it, too.

Identity, Human rights