Michaela Musilová: No need to live on Mars to be an extremophile

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In her fascinating talk, Michaela will show us the path that began as a childhood dream to simulated expedition to Mars. Her obsession with space and determination brought her for an example, to an examination of extremophiles and terraforming Mars. Michaela will convince you that one must follow his passion, and never give up.


About this speaker

Michaela is one of few people who has experienced what it is like to be an astronaut living on Mars. Michaela experienced a simulated mission at the Martian desert research station in the United States. Her scientific focus is on astrobiology, and specifically extremophiles – organisms living in extreme conditions. Such organisms can be found only on other planetary bodies in our solar system. Michaela did her research at the California Institute of Technology, University College London, and the University of Bristol. Despite many achievements and job offers abroad, she has recently returned to Slovakia. Along with SOSA, she wants to help develop aerospace research and the industry in Slovakia. Michaela’s big dream in the future is to work on a space mission, perhaps with the involvement of Slovakia, aiming to find extra-terrestrial life in space.