Jowan Österlund: Biohacking – the next step in human evolution or a dead end?

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In his controversial talk, Jowan provides us with his vision how seamless interection between body and technology should work in the future. He believes, that by implanting microchips inside body, people can save a lot of time, money and will never loose purse or cards again. He does not want only to teach his body to speak machine, he wants his body to speak to him.

About speaker

Jowan is CEO at Biohax International, Swedish company that focuses on biohacking, bodyupgrading and implant development. Digitizing met Jowan’s experience in easthetic modification and professional piercing some 3,5 years ago creating a new discipline. The time of human digitizing is here and Jowan is a global advocate for it being conducted safely and controlled. Having made most digital implants in the world today and with a global network of partners he cannot wait to see what is down the line. With a first goal of making human everyday interaction with digital enviroment seamless and completely customized, Jowan is staying busy all over.

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