Jessica McCabe: Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story

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Jessica McCabe tell us the story of her life. Once a gifted child with bright future, who later lives a life of a constant failures, because one thing – her ADHD diagnosis. Until one thing changed everything and she realized, that she is not alone. Her Youtube channel HowtoADHD is dedicated to help not only people with ADHD, but also their parents, partners a teachers and to remind them, that they are not alone.

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Jessica McCabe TEDxBratislava

Jessica is the creator and host of How to ADHD, a popular YouTube series focused on educating and supporting ADHD brains around the world. It’s designed as an ADHD toolbox: a humorous and heartfelt mix of research-based strategies and lessons learned from her own journey into ADHD adulthood. Jessica was selected as a spokesperson for CHADD (Children and Adults with ADD/ADHD), and her work has been featured by ADDitude Magazine,, Upworthy, and more. She posts new episodes for her 100,000+ subscribers every Thursday at her Youtube channel called HowtoADHD.

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