Ján Tkáč: Music is a tool to create social inclusion

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In his interactive performance, Ján Tkáč explains how music builds social inclusion and prevents the negative social phenomena such as extremism.

About speaker

Ján studied music at the University of Cambridge, the Comenius University, the Conservatoire in Bratislava, and the Academy of Performing Arts. He also studied philosophy at the College of Antoine Neuwirth and experienced various study stays in Europe and the USA (Acton University, Michigan and Witherspoon Institute, Princeton). He is actively involved in the projects of the Anton Neuwirth and Ladislaus Hanus community and cooperates on various projects focused on society and education (Domka, The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Catholic Charity, Stop Gambling, Pamätaj, LEAF, Unimak, Fjuzn and others). In the past, he worked in internet media company and also he cooperates as an editor with the Slovak Radio. Besides music, he has always been interested in communication, classical education, and storytelling.

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