TEDxBratislava 2018: In Between

Being somewhere in between is nothing extraordinary. We cross the border, discover the other side, move from point A to point B, get out of the comfort zone. On July 1, we invite you to the Slovak National Theater to wipe off prejudice, disillusion and fear of the unrecognized.


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Viewing parties

Public live streaming from the Slovak National Theatre on July 1 will be organized by these TEDxBratislava ambasadors free of charge:

Kalab, Zámocká 5, Bratislava – Staré mesto

Kino Mier, Námestie Gy. Széchényiho 9, Nové Zámky

Centrum voľného času, Pionierska 16, Bratislava

Kreatívny priestor tu., SNP 115/75, Stará Turá

Lab.cafe, Námestie SNP 25, Bratislava

KC Priestor, Dionýza Štúra 35, Sereď

Smart Space, Smart Vikings, Záborského 19, Bratislava

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Let us know at info@tedxbratislava.sk.


9:00 - 10:30 Borders
  • Saša Uhlová a Apolena Rychlíková – journalists and documentarists
  • Irakli Loladze – scientist
  • Viliam Matuška – train dispatcher
  • Jonathan Bobrow – designer & technologist
11:30 - 12:50 Contour lines
  • Peter Hartkamp – founder of the Democratic School
  • ART
  • Milan Kováč – religionist
  • Christián Havlíček – founder of OZ TransFúzia
14:30 - 15:45 Lines
  • Ján Tkáč – music teacher
  • ART – choir
  • Ahmed Elgammal – professor
  • Zuzana Špačková – doctor of medicine
16:30 - 18:00 Milestones
  • Niccolò Massarielloactor and screenwriter
  • Pavol Pokorný – architect
  • Monika Kapraliková – vitalist
  • Florin Badita – activist


  • Peter Hartkamp

    Peter helps estabilish free schools to eliminate adverse effects of the education system.

  • Saša Uhlová and Apolena Rychlíková

    Saša and Apolena want to draw attention to low-income part of population.

  • Pavol Pokorný

    Pavol paves a path for wood in architecture and he focuses on energetically effective buildings.

  • Ján Tkáč

    Ján believes that music education can break barriers between people.

  • Irakli Loladze

    Irakli mathematically proved that CO2 lowers the level of micronutrients in plants.

  • Niccolò Massariello

    Niccolò is a famous face of commercials worldwide, and yet you certainly do not know him.

  • Zuzana Špačková

    Zuzana breaks down the myths and prejudices about people with mental illness.

  • Ahmed Elgammal

    Ahmed can rate a creativity level in artistic pieces using artificial intelligence.

  • Christián Havlíček

    Christian helps transgender people in Slovakia become themselves.

  • Viliam Matuška

    Viliam spends all his efforts on the history of rail transport.

  • Florin Badita

    Florin fights corruption and can get half a million people to attend street protests.

  • Monika Kapráliková

    Monika reveals Czechoslovak stories forgotten in between the decay of the former federation.

  • Milan Kováč

    Milan studies the past of lost civilizations, so that the present ones can learn from his discoveries.

  • Jonathan Bobrow

    Jonathan wants to raise a generation of system thinkers using intelligent board games.

  • Ľudové Mladistvá

    Ľudové Mladistvá merges elements of folklore, jazz, classical and energetic modern music.

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