Róbert Šarina: Deaf with a capital D

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Robert Sarina talks about the community of hearing impaired people and explains that the problems they meet are actually different from what we think they are.


About This Speaker


Róbert Šarina was born as the only non-deaf member of his family. He is 30 years old, he studied disability education and he is a professional sign language interpreter. He is a hobby chef and he runs the Deaf Kebab business project together with his deaf brother.





Why Róbert Šarina at TEDxBratislava?

Last summer I ended up, by a complete coincidence, at one of Danube’s beaches attending a sign language course. I spent the whole summer there. Me, who does not know any deaf person and who was perceiving deaf people only marginally. The course was led by Robo Šarina and I only needed 5 minutes of listening to him to realize that I was missing a lot of information about a large group of people that lives among us, but not with us. Robo is a nice and witty young man fighting for his cause and I hope that after this year’s TEDxBratislava some of you might help him. (Kristína Daňová)

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