Pavla Geschwandtnerová a Tereza Rebeka Koreňová: No grades, no homework – just the joy of learning

About This Project

Is it possible to learn something without homework, grades and top-down approach? What motivates a young person to learn if not a carrot and stick? In their uplifting talk Pavla a Tereza talk about their experiences as the first ever graduates of the local Montessori school. They also provide an insight into growing minds of adolescents.


About speakers

terezapavla600600Pavla and Tereza are students of Montessori primary school in Bratislava. This year, they will be among first four graduates of this school. Pavla loves singing, drawing and karate. Tereza has been an active in sports since early childhood and now is devoted to triathlon. Both actively participate in various meetings and discussions, where they present their opinions and views on the current state of education in Slovakia. In the future, they both would like to contribute to making partner-based education accessible to the as many Slovak children as possible.

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