Martin Pyšný: A typeface for dyslectics designed by a dyslectic

About This Project

In his captivating talk Martin allows us to see and experience the reading difficulties of a person suffering from dyslexia. Being a designer and dyslectic himself he designed a special typeface – Dyscont, that helped him to alleviate many of the problems and made reading for him much less of a struggle.


About this speaker

pysny2_tedxMartin Pyšný is a graphic designer. He never was a good student. To avoid learning from textbooks and having to abstract information from boring and long specialized texts he decided to study at an art college after high school. Now he creates fonts and typesets texts for people with learning disabilities. He does not want to focus on creating new forms for things that already work well, but rather focuses his attention on issues that are avoided. His dream is to grow greengages.

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