Fedor Gömöry: Unintended research of the magnetic invisibility cloak

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In this captivating talk Fedor Gomory talks about his unexpected journey from what started as a research of superconductors to discovering a magnetic “invisibility cloak”. This research had had ripple effects in fields of science (seemingly) not related to magnetism.


About this speaker

gomoryFedor Gömöry has been exploring the properties of substances with zero electrical resistance, so-called superconductors, his whole life. At the Institute of Electrical Engineering, he leads projects aimed at developing innovative solutions for the electronics and energy industries. He considers his biggest success to be the establishment of an internationally respected research team with competences including learning about new materials, through theoretical methods of modeling their behavior, all the way to the design and testing of laboratory models. One of these models is a magnetic invisibility cloak. Fedor’s publication with the description of the manufacturing process and verifying the cloak’s functionality has sparked large interest in the areas that are (seemingly) unrelated to magnetism.