TEDxBratislava 2019

Even people with totally different opinions must find a value intersection to be able to listen and talk together. Therefore, on July 5, we will be looking for a common denominator in the New Building of the Slovak National Theater. Come and experience 16 unique performances, a number of original surprises and one inspiring day that will change your perspective for the rest of the year. It will be festive.

About event

Can you remember how to count 2/3 and 3/4? Only by finding a common denominator. Until you have it, you simply won’t get any result. Even people with very different opinions must find a value intersection to be able to listen and talk at all. Common ground, common language, common denominator. And if they do find it, only then it is possible for them search for constructive solutions and a result behind the equality sign. Because the common denominator is always there, only sometimes it takes longer to find it.


09:00 - 10:30 Curios / Rash
  • Tibor Hujdič – reading promoter
  • Andrew Dalziell – therapist
  • Dodo Dobrik – designer
  • Milota Sidorová – urbanist
11:30 - 12:50 Take / Give
  • Martin Ondráček – journalist and head of department fulfilling Christmas wishes
  • Ján Gondoľ – open innovator
  • Jordan Shapiro – author
  • Valentína Sedileková – student
14:30 -16:00 Never / now
  • Preßburger Klezmer Band – ART
  • Dave Goulson – biologist
  • Martin Lipták – marketer, activist
  • Atli Már Hreggviðsson – voluntary rescuer
17:00 - 18:30 Heart / Brain
  • Barbara Lisá – consultant
  • Ryan Martin Bradshaw – ART
  • Braňo Dobšinský – journalist
  • Venus Jahanpour – founder of a school


Speakers of TEDxBratislava 2019 are introduced gradually. Read more about them.

  • Atli Már Hreggviðsson

    Atli fixes snowmobiles. And in his spare time he saves human lives. Just so, because he can.

  • Tibor Hujdič

    Reading doesn't have to be just a hobby or a way of learning. Via reading, Tibor aims to change the world for the better.

  • Dave Goulson

    The world is threatened by an insect apocalypse. And Dave knows how we can prevent it. Every and each one of us.

  • Ján Gondoľ

    Johnny knows how to advance the human society with open information and knowledge creation.

  • Valentína Sedileková

    Loss of confidence can be a way to selfdestruction. But Valentína knows what to do about it. She went through it herself.

  • Braňo Dobšinský

    Braňo will teach us how to look for a common language with the people whose opposite views we often close the door for.

  • Martin Lipták

    Together with a group of dedicated enthusiasts Martin has changed the meaning of ``black holes`` in our country.

  • Preßburger Klezmer Band

    The energetic musical ``cocktail`` captivatingly mixed from Jewish, Slovak, Balkan and Oriental music and Gypsy folklore.

  • Barbara Lisá

    Barbara is the rare and admirable type of a person who refuses to give up on the way to fullfiling their true calling.

  • Jordan Shapiro

    Jordan says we should spend more time with the kids in front of the screen. But, not so thoughtlessly.

  • Venus Jahanpour

    Children are our future. And thanks to people like Venus, we can hope that our future will have good outlook.

  • Andrew Dalziell

    After Andy’s talk the proverbial “Healthy body, healthy mind” will get a whole new meaning for you.

  • Martin Ondráček

    Martin will tell you more about how ordinary people can fulfill Christmas wishes such as meeting the Pope.

  • Ryan Martin Bradshaw

    Such a genius as Ryan is born once every two hundred years. Music experts compare him to Mozart.

  • Milota Sidorová

    Milota is looking for a common denominator to create fairer, more transparent and less conflicting cities.

  • Dodo Dobrík

    Dodo likes looking for and designing new solutions and procedures. Even in the way he approaches his own diet.

What will you experience?


Get to know the ideas worth spreading.  You will listen to the finspiring stories from remarkable people that deserve to resonate in your minds. 


TEDx event is not just about the speakers and program in the hall, but also beyond. Let unique break activities extend your experience to another dimension


You do not have to pack a snack with you. We will take care of your tummy and make sure that your taste cells will go crazy.


Do not leave after the last performance. We will prepare delicious dinner for you and sensual evening program.


Be part of TEDx community. Meet people from the same path, who you would not reach out to. 


We will project videos from TED global conference. Well-know, but also unknown. Let yourself be surprised. 


Take the whole family – even the restless children. Accompany them in the children’s corner with streaming from the theatre.


Enrich your experience from the stage and join a discussion with the speakers. Each break you find them debating in Lucron Studio.


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