These are speakers that will tell us their ideas worths spreading at TEDxBratislava 2014. We will add few more names soon.

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We are looking for active, perceptive and open-minded people from all fields who understand that it is not important what they will hear and keep for themselves, but how they will use all those thoughts.


A TED or TEDx conference without speakers would be nothing. It’s the speakers with their talks who attract people to the event, or webstream. It’s the speakers’ ideas (worth spreading), thoughts (opening our eyes), courage and imagination (encouraging and inspiring us), as well as the art of sharing their emotions and joy of being creative and productive with others.

For the TEDxBratislava 2014 organizing team, the quest for speakers is the greatest challenge – they are the bottom line of everything. Besides, the number of great people who have a lot to say and contribute is much bigger than the number of slots in the event’s programme. This is why we didn’t look for speakers alone, but, just like last year, we also involved last year’s speakers, as well as TEDx participants and fans.

This year’s event is a direct follow-up to last year’s “Mind Wide Open” theme. “Creating the Future. Today.” aspires to be a continuation of the process in which minds are opened and directly involved in activities bringing us a better, richer and more intense future.


Zora Bútorová
Zora Bútorová studied sociology at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Prior to november 1989, she was part of various research teams whose work critically reflected topical issues of the society. Since spring 1990, the focus of her research shifted more to political culture and people’s attitudes towards transformation of society. In 1997 she co-founded the Institute for Public Affairs...
Marína Cihová
molecular biologist
Marína has always been interested in every living thing and therefore decided to study molecular biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Last year she completed her doctoral study at the Experimental Oncology Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences where she currently works. For 5 years she has been involved in a fascinating research project studying therapeutic potential of stem cells...
Nancy Ann Coyne
Nancy Ann Coyne is a photographer and public artist. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her work expands the genre of documentary photography into the public domain by creating large-scale photographic public artworks that narrate the lives of communities and give individuals a voice and place to tell their stories. In 2009, her project “Speaking of Home - Minneapolis (2008)” was awarded...
Margarita Florez
Margarita Florez runs the KIPP LA Comienza school which is part of the Knowledge is Power Program in Los Angeles. The school is in a community where more than half of the children do not have English as their native language and they often do not have sufficient support for their education at home. At KIPP LA, they use technology and data to drive constant regrouping of the children according...
Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir
polar explorer
Vilborg says that she is fortunate to be born and raised in Iceland, surrounded with mountains and glaciers. She has over ten years’ experience in mountaineering. Hard winter conditions and ever-changing weather in Iceland have proven to be a good preparation for her future endeavours. In 2012, Vilborg crossed the Greenland glacier and on 17 January 2013, exactly 101 years after Robert Scott...
Nikola Hořejš
campaign manager at Reconstruction of the State
Nikola Hořejš studied psychology and political science. He worked for many non-governmental organizations and media in the Czech Republic and abroad. He is a co-author of the publication The Art of Protest and a college textbook about crisis situations. He works on strategies and campaigns for NGOs and various movements. Currently, he is managing the campaign Reconstruction of the State,...
Mária Jasenková
child oncologist
Mária Jasenková is a child oncologist, co-founder and executive director at Plamienok -- the first children's home hospice in Slovakia. Her activities also include co-organizing of training programs in the field of children's palliative care in Slovakia and abroad. In 2011 she was awarded “The Slovak Woman of the Year” prize. She learns Spanish, enjoys spa and sauna and is a regular attendee...
Mojmír Jiřikovský
Mojmir is a co-founder of JRK Waste Management - a company handling biowaste and restaurant waste. His main goal is to prevent waste production by composting it right at the place of its origin. Lately he has also been trying to put an end to stressful and sedentary way of life by exercising and eating healthy. He is excited to see that it works. Why Mojmír Jiřikovský at TEDxBratislava?...
Juha Kaakinen
housing first
Juha is a CEO in a non-profit Y-Foundation providing homes for 6500 former homeless people in Finland. He studied literature, philosophy and sociology at the University of Helsinki. Juha takes badminton seriously, reads and admires Danish poetry and enjoys ancient Finnish smoke sauna. Why Juha Kaakinen at TEDxBratislava? I used to be quite prejudiced concerning homeless people. I...
Štefan Klein
Designer, maker and teacher Štefan Klein has devoted the last twenty years to making his dream come true. It is a dream that only few people believed in – a flying car. Having successfully tested concepts and pre-prototypes, he is currently working on the prototype of AeroMobil 3.0. Why Štefan Klein at TEDxBratislava? Štefan Klein and the story of his flying car represent, in my view,...
Adam Marčan
web designer
Adam Marčan is a web designer, he is 26 years old and comes from Beskydy in the Czech Republic. He is a cofounder of the project and is currently fully involved in its development. He enjoys travelling, and observing and photographing people in the streets, deep discussions and stories, cooking with fresh ingredients and riding boards (skate, snow, surf).
Satko Mujagic
guardian of memory
Satko Mujagic was born North-Western Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the war he was captured and deported to a concentration camp. In December 1992, he was finally released, after having spent 200 days detained in different camps. Since 1993 Satko Mujagic lives in the Netherlands. His main field of expertise is Schengen border management but he has also worked with several NGOs on peace and...
Daniela Ostatníková
researcher and professor
A professor, scientist and mother of 4 children. She got several international awards for her scientific work on the effects of sexual hormones on the human brain. She is fascinated by science, especially by the continuous exploration and unanswered questions that constantly pop up and bring about new insights and knowledge. Why Daniela Ostatníková at TEDxBratislava? A lot of prejudice...
Martin Peniak
programmer and scientist
Martin Peniak works in the area of parallel programming. He has worked for the European Space Agency and also in the NVIDIA research centre in Sillicon Valley. During his post-doctoral studies at university in Plymouth, he trained the humanoid robot iCub and was the first to apply parallel programming in the field of cognitive robotics. Currently, Martin works for Cortexica at Imperial College...
Maroš Rudnay
sham hunter
Maroš Rudnay is a student and a blogger. In 2013, he and his friends from the Medical School founded a Facebook account “Lovci šarlatánov” (Sham hunters) with the aim to analyze and refute baseless claims, hoaxes and shams in the field of medicine which have been spreading online. Maroš and his friends also have their own blog where they point at risks related to incorrect information and to...
Róbert Šarina
sign language interpreter
Róbert Šarina was born as the only non-deaf member of his family. He is 30 years old, he studied disability education and he is a professional sign language interpreter. He is a hobby chef and he runs the Deaf Kebab business project together with his deaf brother. Why Róbert Šarina at TEDxBratislava? Last summer I ended up, by a complete coincidence, at one of Danube’s beaches attending...


Jozef Lupták a Marián Jaslovský
Jozef Lupták is an internationally recognized cello player. He is also an organizer of the “Konvergencie” festival and prize-winner of many prestigious European competitions. He is the initiator of multigenre projects such as AfterPhurikane (ancient Roma songs) and Chasidské piesne (Chasidic songs). As a musician, he has collaborated with numerous distinguished conductors and...
Jaroslav Viňarský
dancer and choreographer
Jaro Viňarský is a dancer, choreographer and performer. Jaro started to dance when he was 5 years old. He studied choreography in Bratislava and Prague. His choreographic debut “Sorton” – a solo performance – was awarded the Jarmila Jeřábková Prize at the International Contemporary Dance and Dance Theatre Festival in Prague. At present, Jaro Viňarský also runs creative dance workshops...

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